Creating a life

you love to live.


I’m honored that you’re here and admire that you’re looking to find help. I believe that you have the wisdom to move forward¬†within you, and that by working with me, we can unearth that wisdom and cultivate it towards a life you love living.

I work with women who have experienced trauma as well as have limited availability for couples who are looking to reconnect and regain intimacy. I look at my work through a holistic lens, meaning I believe that our minds, emotions, bodies, and spirits are all interconnected in balance; when this balance is off, we experience anxiety, depression, body ailments, disconnection to our spirits, and more. I seek to find these areas of disconnect in order to help you return to your whole self and a vibrant life.

Schedule a consultation with me today and lets begin to write a new chapter to your story.

How I can help.

Women’s Counseling

Heal from trauma, past brokenness, patterns, and gain support as you walk towards joy and peace. We use different therapies that best suit you to help you live your best life.

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Through a quick assessment and an 8-10 week commitment, learn your patterns, ways to communicate, and tools to help begin marriage on the right track.

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Couple’s Counseling

Gain connection and intimacy again through sessions that focus on healing past wounds and patterns as well as practical tips and tools for moving forward with passion.

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